Stefan Gunnarsson


Goal for 2015: Winning the European Championship A-fuel, and to get license for Top Fuel and get to know the new car, by driving in Tierp and maybe Santa Pod in September; but most important, to enjoy and have a good time!

Peter Lantz


Mats Carlsson


Daniel Vishaj

Engine and Clutch

Daniel Vishaj one of our team member who is a friend of Robin Lantz and will go to Robins Team next season

Robin Lantz

Engine cylinder heads

Robin Lantz son of fd Top fuel driver Peter Lantz, he is with us as our team member until next season, when he will drive his own Top Metanol Dragster!

Emrik Gunnarsson


Peter Lagerstrand

Clutch responsible

Maria Gunnarsson

Truckdriver/food and so on....